Practitioner Courses


Reiki is easy, safe and anyone can learn it. It is passed from a teacher to a student through an attunement process. No prior energy therapy experience needed.

REIKI LEVEL I - $200.00

In Reiki Level I you learn about history of Traditional (Usui) Reiki, it's benefits and ethics, reiki principles, exchange issues/values and how to apply Reiki.
In step-by-step guided instructions you will learn:
- how to treat yourself with Reiki;
- how to give full Reiki treatment to others; and
- how to perform seated Reiki treatment session.
You will receive Reiki level I attunement and embark on a 21 day self-healing treatment journey to strengthen your Reiki flow and intensify you healing vibration. You will also be awarded a professional Reiki Level I Certificate suitable for framing.
BONUS: In Reiki Level I you will be introduced to Chakras and learn how to balance your own Chakras.

REIKI LEVEL II - $250.00

To proceed to Reiki Level II you should previously study Reiki Level I, receive an attunement from Reiki Master Teacher and practice Reiki flow.
You will learn about Reiki & Consciousness, Reiki Capabilities and Expand Reiki Ethics. Three Reiki symbols will be learned to strengthen your Reiki and gain the ability to send Reiki over distance. Symbols represent energy. Where you use a particular Symbol, with intent, that is where and how the energy will activate. Reiki II allows you to focus Reiki energy onto situations, or to empower your goals in life, and can even be used to heal the past or empower the future. Reiki crosses the boundaries of time as well as space. You will learn how to give self treatment with symbols, give group distance healing, deal with death and bereavement. You will also receive Reiki Level II distant attunement and a professional certificate suitable for framing.

To receive Reiki Master/Teacher Level training and attunement you must previously take Reiki I and II Levels and have a significant amount of practical experience. This level is a combination of Reiki Master and Teacher Levels. This level allows you to teach and attune other people to Reiki vibration. In Reiki Master Practicioner level you will learn the fourth Reiki symbol (the Master symbol), it's meaning and how to work with it. In step-by-step guidance you will be shown how to attune others to Reiki Levels I, II and Master/Teacher levels in classroom setting and by distance. You will receive your final attunement and will be initiated to a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher Level. The ceremony will be concluded with a presentation of your professional Reiki Master/Teacher degree, a certificate suitable for framing.

Note : To receive Reiki Master/Teacher Level you will need to receive Reiki I, followed by Reiki II.


Reiki Level I +Bonus Chakra Balancing* - $200 $120

(Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate)

* Includes Chakra Crystal Medicine Pouch

In this course you will learn about Chakra. Chakra is a vortex of Life force. Recognizing imbalance and aligning chakra to it's proper frequency is essential for holistic health. This course will provide many ways to balance each major chakra.

Join us and learn how to use colour, sound, scent and even movement of the body in order to bring balance and healing to yourself and your significant others. Creative visualizations and exercises are incorporated into this ground-breaking course where you can easily learn how to identify and correct imbalance in each chakra.

Some of the benefits of Chakra Balancing:
1st Chakra : Grounded, strong survival instincts
2nd Chakra : Good relationship with sexuality
3rd Chakra : Strong self-esteem and willpower
4th Chakra : Self-love, harmony, trust, growth
5th Chakra : Clear expression of feelings/thoughts
6th Chakra : Psychic, intuitive, altruistic
7th Chakra : Compassionate, non-reactive, loving

Proven solutions to treat stress, fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression
COVERS: meditation, relaxation, energy and breathing techniques, vibrartion therapy, supplements, herbal remedies, acupressure points.

Ever wondered how to rewrite your patterns, habits and experiences? or perhaps how to achieve your goals, to become grounded and worry free, successful, or to lose weight or change your financial situation? Look no further! In this course you will learn hypnosis, fundamentals of self hypnosis, neuro association and neuro conditioning techniques and best practices to achieve desired outcome. No previous knowledge required.

This course covers a dozen alternative modalities with basic concepts and hands on experience. Join us for engaging and informative session to explore how you can rid of stress and enhance your life with meditation, reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra balancing, sound therapy, colour therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, su djok, EFT and self-hypnosis.

What is Aura? What colours are your aura? What is your base colour? Learn about Aura fields and how to develop aura vision with provided exercises. Explore many tools to measure aura's field and how to protect aura. No experience necessary. Join us for the interesting but simple to understand workshop and learn how to develop your inner perception..


Distance courses are suitable for people who are not able to attend live course or who prefer to learn and practice at their own pace. It may seem a little strange to suggest that spiritual/Energy courses can be learned at a distance, but we believe that our combination of comprehensive eMaterials, practical exercises, distant attunements and ongoing support by e-mail provides as much quality as a live course, if not more..

Benefits of Distant exploring:

    • Learn it anywhere,
    • Learn it anytime,
    • Learn it at your own pace (no deadlines),
    • Ongoing support,
    • Save ($).

We are currently reviewing and rewriting our Distant Reiki courses.

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How does distance Energy practice work?

All things in our universe are created out of energy. Energy knows no distance. It simply IS. It can be sent from one place to another instantly regardless of our physical location.

When can I enroll?
Our courses are completely self-paced. You may enroll at any time. There is no deadline to complete the course. You should revisit material and practice as often as possible. The more you channel the faster you will be able to tune and stay in the flow.

How does distance education work?
Upon enrollment you will be sent materials necessary to complete your course. You will read and study texts (and supplementary material, if applicable). We have ongoing support available to you at all times. If you have any questions please reach out and connect with us.
When you feel that you are ready, contact our Master Teacher to schedule and receive an attunement. Upon completion of the course you can request certificate of course completion suitable for framing.

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