Holistic Integrative Therapeutic Session (HITS) - $60 /45min - 1 hr

Unwind * Revitalize * Rejuvenate * Balance


HITS is a unique blend of energy medicine modalities to help you relief stress, anxiety, promote relaxation, evoke your own healing abilities by releasing blockages and promoting energy flow. HITS are a custom, one-one-one approach to tap into your wellness. It is a bundle of several therapeutic healing arts – reiki, therapeutic touch, integrated energy therapy, chakra balancing, acupressure and reflexology.


Reiki Healing Session - $60 / 45min - 1 hr

De-stress * Restore *Nourish *Nurture


The benefits of Reiki are countless from ease of physical issues to relieve of mental illness, to restoring inner-connection and opening up to enlightenment. These sessions are a balancing act that integrate mind, body and spirit - relaxing, restoring, nourishing and nurturing your very being.


Reflexology with essenial oils - $50.00 CDN / 45 min

Relax * Rejuvenate * Detox


These Foot-Pampering sessions will bring sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Practitioner will apply pressure to specific points and areas on your feet that correspond to different body organs and systems. Enjoy beneficial effects on organs and person's general health. It is generally used to complement other treatments when addressing conditions like anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, kidney function, PMS, and sinusitis.


Energy Medicine Therapeutic Sessions and Spiritual guidance are NOT a substitute for professional, legal, or medical care and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice.

Distant Services

What is here, is also there; what is not here, is not nowhere.

Vishvasara Tantra, Katha Upanishad

All things in our universe are created out of energy. Energy has no limits or boundaries. It knows no time or space. It simply IS. It can be sent from one place to another instantly regardless of our physical location. It is always in motion. It never stops or stagnates. It can be manifested in variety of forms instantly by activating thought and intent.


Healing Session - $30


Energy knows no distance - Open to Receiving

Open your mind and spirit to receiving. Allow spiritual wisdom to heal your physical, mental and spiritual bodies. To experience the most of your healing session you will be guided prior to it. Each session is approximately 45 min - 2.5 hours.


Group Meditation - Free of Charge

Connect * Share * Magnify

Dive into abundance of positive vibration. Connect with like-minded souls to share and amplify energy flow. Calm your mind, clear your thinking, relax your body, release your spirit. Just Be. Let go of human-doing, evolve into a human-being. Leave negativity, stress and worry behind. Breath. Meditate. Our group distant meditations are 1 hour in length and free of charge. To get notified for upcoming session, please subscribe to our newsletter. Namaste.

Other healing modalities

We center our therapies and classes on holistic principles because we recognize the link between integrated wellness of a mind, body and spirit.
​Some of the therapies we offer are:.


- Acupressure
- Aromatherapy

- Chromotherapy
- Hypnotherapy
​- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
- Life Coaching


- Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
- Reiki
- Reflexology

- Balancing Chakras
- Theraputic Touch (TT)
​- Hot Stone Work


- Body-mind Integration
- Healing Touch
- Sound Therapy
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Homeopathy
​- Su Djok

Practitioner Courses


Reiki - Levels I, II and Master / Teacher

Reiki is a natural, simple, safe and effective healing system. Anyone can learn how to channel and apply it. It is passed on from a teacher to a student through an attunement process. No prior energy therapy experience required. 

Next Available Courses :

Reiki Level I +Bonus Chakra Balancing* - $200.00 $120

(Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate)

* Includes Chakra Crystal Medicine Pouch


Reiki Level II -  $250.00 - Please inquire

Reiki Level III & Master/Teacher - $500.00 - Please inquire

In this course you will learn about Chakra. Chakra is a vortex of Life force. Recognizing imbalance and aligning chakra to it's proper frequency is essential for holistic health. This course will provide many ways to balance each major chakra.

Join us and learn how to use colour, sound, scent and even movement of the body in order to bring balance and healing to yourself and your significant others. Creative visualizations and exercises are incorporated into this ground-breaking course where you can easily learn how to identify and correct imbalance in each chakra.


Some of the benefits of Chakra Balancing:
1st Chakra : Grounded, strong survival instincts
2nd Chakra : Good relationship with sexuality
3rd Chakra : Strong self-esteem and willpower
4th Chakra : Self-love, harmony, trust, growth
5th Chakra : Clear expression of feelings/thoughts
6th Chakra : Psychic, intuitive, altruistic
7th Chakra : Compassionate, non-reactive, loving


Proven solutions to treat stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and depression
COVERS: meditation, relaxation, energy and breathing techniques, vibrartion therapy, chromotherapy, supplements, herbal remedies and acupressure points.

Ever wondered how to rewrite your patterns, habits and experiences? or perhaps how to achieve your goals, to become grounded and worry free, successful, or to lose weight or change your financial situation? Look no further! In this course you will learn hypnosis, fundamentals of self hypnosis, neuro association and neuro conditioning techniques and best practices to achieve desired outcome. No previous knowledge required.


This course covers a dozen alternative modalities with basic concepts and hands on experience. Join us for engaging and informative session to explore how you can rid of stress and enhance your life with meditation, reiki, therapeutic touch, chakra balancing, sound therapy, colour therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, su djok, EFT and self-hypnosis.

What is Aura? What colours are your aura? What is your base colour? Learn about Aura fields and how to develop aura vision with provided exercises. Explore many tools to measure aura's field and how to protect aura. No experience necessary. Join us for the interesting but simple to understand workshop and learn how to develop your inner perception..